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Security Administration

As with any commercial enterprise, public organizations chartered to protect the nation require administrators to manage and organize the resources first responders need to perform their duties. Similar opportunities may exist in the private sector for proficient managers of the people and projects that protect corporate data and physical locations from attack. Candidates for these career opportunities should be detail oriented and expert communicators. The ability to build personal relationships and motivate co-workers to perform to expectations may be a necessary skill.

Security administrators typically assign resources, schedule services, requisition equipment and people, and may perform every other bureaucratic function required to prepare operations teams for their tasks at hand.

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Training in project management, risk management, workflow, and an affinity for mountains of paperwork may elevate the candidate above other job applicants. While some lower-level positions may be available to the high school graduate, most positions, and all senior-level positions might require a college degree. The specific course of study pursued can be flexible, however.

Many security administration professionals will come from the more technical professions associated with the mission, having transitioned to an administrative role after demonstrating a knack for this side of the organization. Another group, like many careers in criminal justice, will arrive from tenures in the military. The discipline and attention to detail ingrained by military organizations may prove to produce excellent administrators, and their commitment to the project mission can be unquestioned. One may expect to earn above average wages after attaining experience in the field.