Scoping Technology

Scoping Technology

Scoping technology is used to proofread and translate the writing and notes of a court reporter. Many court reporters record the live event in shorthand since words can fly fast and they have to be completely accurate. Completely writing or typing every word is too difficult. The job of the scopist is to proofread those shorthand notes, make corrections as needed, and turn the notes into a clean transcript for the court reporter.

The scopist will often use audio records of the trial made by the courts, or even the court reporter, to help with the task. After the scopist transcribes the court reporter's rough shorthand transcript of the event, s/he will usually have a proofreader confirm the technical accuracy before delivering the perfect copy back to the court reporter.

Becoming a successful scopist requires proper training and practice, and a successful scopist must be very interested in this type of work — it is not easy to do. Without the proper motivation, you may not be successful. Besides excellent spelling and grammar skills, scopists must have a knack for deciphering the court reporters' unique writing styles and be willing to work flexible hours.

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