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Public safety is a broad term for any type of government or federal work that is intended to protect the general public. The goal of public safety professionals is the prevention of crime and protection of the population from harm. Organizations providing public safety services include Emergency Medical Services (EMS), fire departments, and other groups that respond and protect against threats. These groups also respond to natural disasters or man-made disasters with emergency medical services, and, if possible, prevent such events from occurring. While certain organizations serve as the frontline defense, other organizations are just as important in the field of public safety.

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Animal control officers, health inspectors, police dispatchers, and parking enforcement officers all have their role in protecting the public from harm. If an individual is undecided on which exact public safety career is right for them, general courses in public safety are taught at many colleges that offer a wide perspective of the public safety field.

Public safety is a diverse field and includes jobs in many different areas, from local police departments to national organizations under the control of the federal government. No matter the scale of operations or the particular organization a public safety specialist joins, their job will protect the general population. Also, almost every level of employment in the field of public safety may require certification, including a minimum level of education and the passing of qualification tests. For basic jobs in local public safety organizations, a high school education or college degree may be enough. However, for higher-paying federal jobs, a bachelor's degree in a field that pertains to the particular field will most likely be required.