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Working as a private investigator can be a fun, dangerous, and rewarding career. Private investigators help businesses, attorneys, individuals, and anyone else who needs help to uncover the truth. They do this by analyzing information and using clues to solve the mysteries about legal, personal, or business matters. The business of private detection could be very competitive. Most private detectives or investigators have completed background work in the field that helps them compare favorable to the competition. Private detectives usually come from a government agency or military background where they have acquired the skills they need to become a successful private detective. Becoming a private detective is only the start of a long hard road.

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Fulfilling the tasks of a private investigator is a tough, but rewarding, journey.

As a private detective, the hours you work may vary from day to day. On a typical day, private detectives are usually following up on leads as much as they can. For other assignments, private detectives may have to work around the clock to solve their assigned case or conduct surveillance. The basic types of investigations private detectives conduct include the use of surveillance, recovering data from computers, or any other method needed to obtain information on a subject or suspicious corporation. Most private detectives do not work for the government. About thirty percent are self-employed and the rest work for private firms. Therefore, the job of a private detective depends on the experience of the investigator and the quality of his or her work. Not only does a private investigator have to do their job well, they have to be better than the other investigators — competition is fierce and only the best of the best succeed.