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It seems that everything will be computerized some day. Everything from the manufacture of goods to our national defense systems and infrastructure systems are being automated and run by networks of computers. Online security is a vital element in the overall plan to protect the nation. Not only are important systems vulnerable to attack over the Internet, personal credit cards and identities are being stolen over the Internet by criminals. Online security officers are working to better protect the citizens from those thieves and to protect the nation's critical systems from attack. Thieves and hackers are constantly updating their tactics and getting better at evading security systems.

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The situation has created a constant need for security systems to be updated and upgraded. Some federal jobs involving computers and network crimes deal with the tracking and capturing of computer hackers and criminals. Online security jobs deal more with the prevention and protection of computer systems and civilians.

While jobs in the online security field focus on computers and technology, there are many different types of jobs available. The qualifications one may need to be hired for work in online security are typically a degree in computer science or equivalent work experience. However, if one is not technically inclined, a degree in criminal justice may be sufficient to pursue a job in the administrative functions within the organizations. Jobs in online protection can be obtained through the government or with private companies that need to update or maintain their network security. In addition, the level of education and work experience is also a big factor in the salary one earns.