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The knowledge and skills pursued from a degree in criminal justice management and administration might be applicable to multiple fields, not only those in the criminal justice category. Skills learned in management and administration include leadership training, management policies, and organizational strategies. These skills may help the graduate to apply for a job in many government and private companies. Some of the jobs available are in the areas of law enforcement, private security, and investigation, including positions with the ATF, the Secret Service, and most other law or legal programs that need management or administrators.

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When there are groups of people working on a similar task or in a similar field, organization and management is the key to success no matter what field the work. With threats increasing and more government agencies upgrading and expanding, the area of management and administration will stay in demand for years to come.

As with most jobs, achieving higher education can equate to a higher salary. A criminal justice degree in management and administration may earn a good income working for a government agency. A typical job in the private sector would be managing a private investigative company or law firm, which could compare to being an FBI department manager. Whether one chooses public or private employment with a degree in criminal justice management and administration, the job is sure to be a challenge. Not only are graduates able to contribute to the exciting events around criminal justice, they are also leaders in the fight against crime, which can be very rewarding in itself.