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Legal Studies

The field of legal studies may offer a variety of courses in most aspects of the legal system. When specializing in legal studies, students can choose from a variety of career options including law, paralegal studies, and legal assistant. While the legal system is large and diversified, it may be difficult to secure a place in a program offering the specific subfield of legal studies that you want to pursue as a career. Because of the abundance of choices for the aspiring legal student, legal studies classes may be a great starting point from which to plan a career and for discovering which field could be most appropriate for you.

Careers as a paralegal, attorney, and legal assistant are all subfields within legal studies.

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While each career varies greatly in many ways, they may all work towards the same goal: preservation of the legal system. Legal studies deals with the prosecution and protection of suspects in the court of law. Attorneys use their knowledge of the legal system and evidence provided by criminal justice professionals to defend their client or prove the guilt of a defendant. Without courts of law, the entire justice system would fall apart and the work of criminal justice professionals would be wasted. With no one to use the evidence gathered and analyzed by crime scene technicians, detectives, and others, the collection of that evidence would be wasted effort. The final stages of the justice system are in the court of law, and legal studies may provide the legal knowledge necessary to preserve the foundations of our legal system.