Forensic Psychology Database

Thanks in part to programs like Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) and all its spin offs, interest in forensic science and forensic psychology have increased dramatically over the past ten years. From watching these television shows, people have a pretty keen grasp of the job performed by forensic scientists. Just ask Gil Grissom and his team and they will tell you that it is about taking a closer look at evidence left behind by criminals. Sometimes it means establishing a timeline of events by observing which insects have inhabited a corpse.

However, there is another aspect of Forensics, which is known as forensic psychology. Someone who is a forensic psychologist will have background in any one of the following branches of psychology:

  • Clinical
  • Social
  • Organizational

In addition to understanding psychology and why people do the things they do, forensic psychologists must also have an extensive background in criminal justice. It is a rather specialized field and those who are extremely good at what they do find themselves being ‘expert witnesses’ in criminal trials.

This is an exciting career that if you are curious about whether you might be good at, below is a list of databases and links that can assist you in determining this.

Forensic Psychology/Clinical Forensic Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Criminal Investigative Psychology

Social Psychology