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In a free society the criminal justice system – from the police to the courts to the prisons – aims to be as fair and effective as possible in order to provide a safe environment for the community, and just treatment and rehabilitation for those who break the community's laws.

An important component to this system is the highly-trained professionals who are charged with administering the U.S. criminal justice system. To adequately prepare themselves for this type of career, many future police officers, FBI agents, criminal lawyers, and others closely involved in criminal justice may opt to pursue a criminal justice degree.

A criminal justice degree may often be interdisciplinary in nature and can cover different criminal justice topics such as criminal law, criminal procedures, legal research, prisons, juvenile justice, public policy, and policing. This may help to prepare future criminal justice professionals for the changing nature of the job. In fact, earning a criminal justice degree may be the foundation to begin a criminal justice career.