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Criminal Justice Studies in California

Criminal justice is a broad field that encompasses elements of crime investigation, psychology, and the American judicial system. Criminal justice schools in California offer associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, as well as non-degree diploma programs. Classes include the causes of crime, forensic psychology, juvenile delinquency, criminal law, criminal justice, research methods, and victimology. Jobs for associate degree grads in this field include working as a corrections officer, in the police force, or in private security. Probation officers, paralegals, and security managers are sometimes required to have a bachelor’s degree. Many job openings in criminal justice – such as for police officers, probation officers, and corrections officers – are expected to be favorable for qualified candidates.

Stockton, the county seat of San Joaquin County, is one of the largest cities in California’s Central Valley. It has a diverse community and highly productive workforce that have given this community a strong, expanding economy.

At one point, Stockton's downtown area was known for its heavy crime rate. Since the 1990s, the city has seen a major reformation and revitalization. The city has successfully turned its crime ridden streets into family friendly neighborhoods by incorporating safety zones and gathering spots for the general public.

The city of Stockton has become a national model for not only crime reduction, but also for business growth. The popular Dean DeCarli Waterfront Square is a popular shopping area for many locals. Local businesses continue to thrive in Stockton which makes it an attractive option for new business owners. However, the legal complications for private business owners can be overwhelming for anyone. It is best to find an experienced lawyer to help with paperwork and permits. Locate Stockton attorneys with LegalMatch in order to assist you with all your legal needs.