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Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation

Criminal investigators work on crimes that may range from misdemeanors to felonies. A criminal investigator's top priority is to gather information in relation to a crime. Investigators question witnesses, follow leads, and analyze evidence to establish its relevance to a crime. The investigator will examine every piece of evidence until they find its specific place in the crime. It is crucial to the justice system for criminal investigators to examine each piece of evidence thoroughly.

The duties of a criminal investigator may vary directly to the field a person specializes in and the experience the investigator has.

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As a new criminal investigator, job duties may consist of examining records, assisting the preparation of pre-trial evidence for prosecutors, conducting investigations, and testifying in court. As a criminal investigator gains experience in the field, their responsibilities as a criminal investigator increase.

The job of a criminal investigator usually requires commitment from the individual, and attention to detail and a strong moral character are very important. Formal education and a degree relating to criminal justice may be beneficial. Science, psychology, or sociology may also be good choices. Being a criminal investigator may wear on a person and his or her emotions — dealing with the everyday violence in the world can really get to a person. On the other hand, knowing that you are helping put an end to some of the violence may turn out to be a rewarding career. However, there are some branches of criminal investigation that do not deal directly with violence. The Internal Revenue Service has a criminal investigation program that deals specifically with tax fraud and tax-related crimes. No matter which field a person interested in criminal investigation gets into, it is sure to be an exciting challenge.