Processes to Produce Secure Software

A compilation of contributed papers by the Software Development Lifecycle of the Cyber Security Summit, Processes to Produce Secure Software: Towards more Secure Software addresses topics concerning software security.


  1. "Principles for Assuredly Trustworthy Composable Architectures" by Peter G. Neumann of SRI
  2. "Software Engineering: Correctness" by Construction by Anthony Hall and Rod Chapman of Praxis Critical Systems
  3. "Developing Secure Software with Cleanroom Software Engineering" by Richard C. Linger Stacy J. Prowell of the Software Engineering Institute University of Tennessee
  4. "Security and Capability Maturity Models" by Joe Jarzombek of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration)
  5. "The Team Software Process" by Noopur Davis of the Software Engineering Institute


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