Political Database of the USA and Latin America

Political Database of the USA and Latin America

Major US Political Parties

Major Parties tend to field candidates with some regularity, even though they may not win elections.

Smaller Political Parties

Smaller parties have some political power, but generally do not field candidates for election.

Federal Law Enforcement Institutions

These Federal departments are responsible for enforcement of federal laws concerning crime, drugs, weapons, and other legal issues.

Federal Intelligence Agencies

These agencies gather intelligence on foreign governments and are used to fight terrorism and provide information for policy makers.

Executive Institutions

These are departments of the federal government that oversee certain aspects of the President?s political agenda.

Political Studies (non-government)

This is a very small sampling of the numerous (in the hundreds!) of nationally recognized, civilian run political institutions. These groups attempt to influence government policy in various ways, whether through research, lobbying or a combination of the two.


Conservative (right)

Liberal (left)


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