The Legend of Robin Hood

The Legend of Robin Hood

Robin Hood has been a legendary figure that followed the exploits of outlaw/hero Robin, who roamed the Sherwood Forrest robbing from the rich and gaving to the poor, the Sherriff of Nottingham who constantly chased Robin, the lovely Maid Marian who was the object of Robin's affection and Robin's band of Merry Men.However, these characterizations were based on original stories of Robin Hood.


The Robin Hood story can be traced by to the 1500's.The original story came from ballads and tales which were passed on from generation to generation.The original tales of Robin Hood and company were sung by traveling minstrels who passed along the saga.The tales that were re-told were a combination of fact and fiction.

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Tales of Robin Hood

Over the years many works of literature have been written about Robin Hood.These tales have advanced the story of Robin Hood and the other characters that are associated with the literary subject.Most of the information we know about Robin Hood is based on these original tales.

Robin Hood Movies

Robin Hood has been a romantic figure over the course of history.As such, he has been the subject of many movies based on his life.The movies range from the 1913 silent movie In the Days of Robin Hood to the 1973 Walt Disney Robin Hood cartoon to the 1993 comedy Robin Hood:Men in Tights, Robin Hood has been the subject of dozens of movies, cartoons and television shows.The Robin Hood legend has been approached from many different angles.


Robin Hood has been the subject of many valuable websites.A great deal of information is available online about the legendary Prince of Thieves.

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Robin Hood has been a heroic and legendary figure for several centuries. The romantic tales of robbing the rich to give to the poor has been written about and studied in criminal justice schools for many years.

While the story has changed over time, the legend has not.As long as books are around, people will be able to discover the real Robin Hood, and allow the legend to continue.