Cyber Safe Kids

Sites for Teaching Internet Safety to Kids

As technology advances, the dangers to young computer users may constantly be on the rise. It seems as if there is a new a boom of computer issues: "Cyber-Stalking, Cyber-Bullying, Cyber-Mobbing, Sexting" etc. It may be increasingly difficult for parents and teachers to teach children about the limitless advantages of the internet while protecting them from its dangers at the same time. Below is a list of resources for teachers and parents to use in order to learn the ways to teach and protect children when it comes to the internet.

  1. Criminal Justice for Kids - This website has a helpful section for younger kids who need to know about cyber manners and internet risks.
  2. Tired Teachers' Website - A resource for teachers with a lot of technology lesson plans.
  3. Internet Safety - Internet safety lesson plans and a list of activities.
  4. Net Smartz - The national center of missing and exploited children have a site for teaching internet safety to children.
  5. Safe Internet Surfing - Internet safety lesson plans for grades 3-5.
  6. Stay Safe Online.org - Cyber safety materials for K-12 educators.
  7. Safe Families.org - Curriculum ideas for keeping children safe online.
  8. Kidsmart.org - Internet safety lesson plans for middle and high school students.
  9. Safe Teens.com - Internet safety for teens.
  10. Connect Safely.org - Online safety information for parents and teachers.
  11. MSNBC: Dateline - Online safety kit for parents.
  12. OnGuard Online - Safety tips for tweens and teens
  13. Get Net Wise - All about kids' online safety
  14. Internet Safety for Kids - Internet safety resources with topics like netiquette, hacking, viruses, etc.