Cyber Manners

Cyber Manners

The Internet is a very useful resource. It can be used for almost everything. You can play games, contact people, and even use it to do your homework. The internet can be educational and recreational, but it´s important to be respectful when using it. ¨Play it safe and responsible! ¨

Rules of the internet -Do´s and Don'ts:

DO use the internet as a learning resource. The internet is full of useful information and can be a great tool to help you with your homework, school projects, and presentations.

DON´T copy things you see on the internet. A lot of material on the internet is copyrighted which means that you need permission to copy it or distribute it. If you use it without permission it is a serious crime!! Remember-the information you find should only be used as a research tool to help you form your own ideas!

DO use the internet to learn about other countries and cultures. The internet can be a way to help you learn a new language. It can also help you meet and chat with other kids in different countries around the world. You can use these two websites and to help you find pen pals in other countries. Ask your parents for help in selecting a pen pal!!

DON´T be too trusting! If you find a friend on-line you must be careful. Never give out any personal information about yourself, your family, your address, etc. Don´t continue contact with anyone who makes you feel threatened. Be Careful!!

DO learn the lingo of the internet! When you find a pen pal right for you, you should also learn how to use the email language! It is very common to use abbreviations to communicate. These can consist of smiley faces (emoticons) to mean you are joking or lol means that you are laughing out loud! You can find a dictionary of net abbreviations here:

DON´T make plans to meet anyone you have met on the internet without telling your parents. Sometimes people aren't who they say they are. It can be very dangerous!!

DO be careful when downloading programs on your computer. Some programs contain viruses that can damage your computer. Always make sure you have an antivirus program installed in your computer to protect it from viruses!!

DON´T try to break into anyone´s computer or email account. This is called Hacking and it is an invasion of privacy and it is a crime!

Ok- so now that you know the rules of the internet click on this link to see if you are a good cyber citizen!