Criminal Justice and other Legal Resources

Criminal Justice and other Legal Resources

  1. Famous Assassins in History
  2. read more

  3. Catholics in Political Life
  4. Just how are important are religious beliefs in our political world? read more

  5. Cyber Safe Kids
  6. The internet can be a wealth of information, perfect for young minds to explore and learn. But it is also a dangerous place, where safety needs to be the first objective when letting kids go online. read more

  7. Presidential Debates Thoughout History
  8. Read the most powerful and contentious presidential debates of our time read more

  9. The Personal History of Saddam Hussein
  10. One of the Most Notorious Men in History, Saddam Hussein's Life is a Captivating Tale of His Rise and Fall from Power read more

  11. War Powers Act of 1973
  12. The War Powers Act was passed in 1973 over the veto of President Richard Nixon. Officially named the The War Power Resolution of 1973 , this act is a United States Congress joint resolution providing the President with the power to send U.S. armed forces into action with the authorization of Congress. read more

  13. Criminal Justice Resources
  14. Essential Criminal Justice Resources for Students and Professionals. read more

  15. Jury Duty Guide
  16. Jury duty guide and other resources regarding court and jury duty read more

  17. The First Amendment Pages
  18. A resource page for anyone wanting to learn about the First Amendment. It provides information on each of the liberties guaranteed by the First Amendment. read more

  19. The Geneva Conventions
  20. The Geneva Conventions consist of four treaties that standarize international law for war victims. read more

  21. Criminal Justice for Kids
  22. Forensic science is a fascinating topic that is basically defined as the application of science to the law. read more

  23. Cyberspace Law Resources
  24. Computer crime is an ever-growing problem that has the potential to cause severe damage to any computer or computer network. The threat of cybercrime was once limited to worms and viruses unleashed by bored and curious hackers. read more

  25. Processes to Produce Secure Software
  26. A compilation of contributed papers by the Software Development Lifecycle of the Cyber Security Summit, Processes to Produce Secure Software: Towards more Secure Software addresses topics concerning software security. read more

  27. Internet Resources for Gay and Lesbian Politics and Law
  28. A highly useful index of organizations and legal resources for the gay and lesbian community. This index is a great reference tool complete with legal, political and media resources for gay, lesbian and transgender topics. read more

  29. The Legend of Robin Hood
  30. Robin Hood has been a legendary figure that followed the exploits of outlaw/hero Robin, who roamed the Sherwood Forrest robbing from the rich and gaving to the poor, the Sherriff of Nottingham who constantly chased Robin, the lovely Maid Marian who was the object of Robin's affection and Robin's band of Merry Men.However, these characterizations were based on original stories of Robin Hood. read more

  31. Commonsense Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses
  32. The Commonsense Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses outlines 12 ways small businesses can protect themselves from cyber attacks and cites actual cases where the outlined protective measures could have prevented attacks to real-life small businesses. read more

  33. Improving Security across the Software Development Lifecycle
  34. The task force report Improving Security across the Software Development Lifecycle presents the findings and recommendations of the National Cyber Security Partnership on how to establish increased security throughout the software development lifecycle. read more

  35. Information, Security, Governance
  36. The report Information Security Governance: A Call to Action provides recommendations on measures the private sector can take to best secure their information assets and incorporate the issue of information security into their corporate governance policies. read more

  37. Laws against Unsolicited emails
  38. Do you receive unsolicited emails? These unsolicited emails are called Spam, and they aren't just annoying, they are illegal. read more

  39. The history of race in prison
  40. The first prison in terms of the modern sense of the word was the Walnut Street Prison in Philadelphia. This jail set forth the standard that later versions would use. read more

  41. History of the American Flag
  42. The American flag as it's known today has evolved a lot over the last 200 plus years. The flag's design may have changed, but the meaning, a symbol of unity, strength, and pride, has remained the same. read more

  43. Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Family
  44. By 1967, Charles Manson was 36 years old. He had spent more than half of his life in prison for burglary and petty theft. Moving to San Fransico's hippie haven Haight-Ashbury, he established himself as something of a guru to the lonely runaways he found there. read more

  45. The Fells Acres Daycare Case
  46. The Fells Acres Day Care Center was a day care located in Malden, Massachusetts. read more

  47. The Montgomery Bus Boycott
  48. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a protest campaign that took place from December 1, 1955 to December 20, 1956. read more

  49. The Jonestown Massacre
  50. The Jonestown Massacre is remembered as one of the most tragic cult events in history. The incident happened on the 18th of November, 1978, and it involved the mass suicide of more than 900 members of a cult group. read more

  51. Steps to Prepare a Science Fair Project
  52. Creating a science fair project requires a thought out plan before executing it. Also knowing the rules and guidelines to the science fair that your participating in are key. read more

  53. Temperance & Prohibition: When the U.S. went dry
  54. There was a time in the United States when many religious groups spoke out about alcohol consumption in the country. These powerful groups believed that alcohol was the work of the devil, and that it needed to be stopped in order to save the country. The supporters of the temperance movement became so vocal that they convinced the government to prohibit the sale, distribution and consumption of alcohol. read more

  55. A Virtual Tour of the National Civil Rights Movement
  56. The United States of America has undergone a number of changes in the 200+ years the country has been in existence. For a country that once believed that slavery was acceptable, the movement to have all people be treated equally has been one of the biggest changes. read more

  57. The History of the Legal System
  58. Sumerians are known more for cuneiform script than the origins of formally written law. The evolution of the code of law over the past 4000 years depicts mankind's cultural revolutions. read more

  59. Amistad case
  60. The Amistad Case is regarded as a very significant legal battle in American history. It is remembered as one of the earliest civil rights cases that were held at the Supreme Court, and it was also the first time that the abolitionists were granted victory in a trial that involved slavery read more

  61. Scopes Monkey Trial
  62. In 1925, at a high school in Dayton, Tennessee, a high school science teacher by the name of John Scopes tested a law about teaching evolution in the classroom read more

  63. A Guide to Online Research
  64. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on the internet, more researching is being done online as opposed to in libraries. With millions of websites up and running, there is a great deal of information available for internet users who need to do research. read more

  65. Sherlock Holmes Mysteries
  66. The author of the world's favorite detective novels, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was born in 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Doyle learned the art of storytelling at the knee of his book loving mother, Mary. read more

  67. US Supreme Court Resources & Case Databases
  68. The United States Supreme Court is the highest court in the country. It is comprised of eight Associate Justices and one Chief Justice, who are nominated by the President and confirmed by a vote of the Senate. read more

  69. Exploring Forensic Science
  70. Forensic science is a fascinating topic that is basically defined as the application of science to the law. read more

  71. Abortion Rights: A look at law, history and religion
  72. Before the 1800s, abortions had been performed for thousands of years. It wasn't until later years that people started to pass laws that would outlaw it. read more

  73. Fighting Identity Theft
  74. Identity theft is a growing problem, and with the increasing exchange of money over the internet conciously protecting your identity is becoming more important than ever. read more

  75. How to Declare Bankruptcy
  76. Sometimes, when debt becomes too overwhelming, the only option that you have left is bankruptcy. Debt accumulation happens to everyone, but for some it can become overpowering and there really is no easy or simple way out of it. When this occurs, then bankruptcy can be a legitimate way of getting yourself out of financial trouble and starting over again. read more

  77. Duhaime Legal Dictionary
  78. Readable, plain English legal resources and information about legal terms and definitions, popular and useful legal topics, and other legal matters in this site. read more

  79. Recession-Proof Jobs: Paralegals Raise the Bar
  80. A paralegal career may be a helpful choice to survive the recession and may also provide a stable income for you and your family. read more

  81. The Emancipation Proclamation
  82. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War. Right before Lincoln was elected president he was a lawyer on the Eighth Judicial Circuit and he had much practice representing people and cases read more

  83. African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights
  84. Resources from the African Commission on Human and People's rights. read more

  85. The Lawyer's Guide to the Internet
  86. Back before the Internet was considered a professional necessity, there was a book that was written to help lawyers figure out what all that new-fangled technology was all about. It was (and still is) called The Lawyer's Guide to the Internet. read more

  87. The New Era of Identity Theft Protection
  88. Identity theft continues to be one of the biggest crimes in the nation. 1 out of every 10 U.S. consumers has already been a victim of identity fraud and the numbers continue to grow. With the surge of social media sites, the threat of someone stealing your private details online has become easier for these resourceful thieves. Here are some valuable tips to protect yourself from the risk of identity fraud and what to do if you suspect someone has been using your personal information for their financial gain. read more

  89. Chinese Legal System
  90. The earliest mention of law in China occurs around 800 B.C. in a time when numerous feudal systems existed together and warred against one another on a regular basis. Laws of this time were mostly mysticism mixed with traditional law . Today, the Chinese Legal System is a bit more modern, but incredibly complex. read more

  91. Political Database of the USA and Latin America
  92. Understanding the political system in the Americas is a large undertaking. Look here for some educational resources to learn more about the political system, parties, and current legislation read more

  93. Where to Get a Divorce
  94. Getting a divorce is tough on many levels, but there are actually some states that make it easier to get a divorce in than others. Although there isn?t a 'best state' to get a divorce in, there are some that can be helpful when it comes to specific aspects of the divorce itself. read more

  95. Forensic Psychology Database
  96. In addition to understanding psychology and why people do the things they do, forensic psychologists must also have an extensive background in criminal justice. It is a rather specialized field and those who are good at what they do may often find themselves being ‘expert witnesses’ in criminal trials. read more