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Crime Scene Technician

Crime Scene Technician

Crime scenes are full of evidence, evidence that prosecutors and defense attorneys need to successfully convict or defend the person on trial. A crime scene technician studies the crime scene, and extracts and analyzes its valuable evidence. They identify, collect, and examine the evidence to deduce unbiased conclusions about the criminal events that occurred.

The work of a crime scene technician is critical to the subsequent trial. Without a crime scene technician securing and presenting evidence, trial attorneys would have nothing upon which to base their arguments. The work requires an education in the fields of science and forensics.

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Crime scene technicians spend a good amount of their time in the lab, analyzing evidence found at the crime scene, such as blood, semen, and hair. Not only does a crime scene technician have to be able to examine evidence to determine where or from whom it came, they also have to reconstruct the crime scene in order to identify the exact sequence and chronology of events.

The skills needed to become a crime scene technician can be taught, but until hands-on experience is gained, you will not qualify for the top positions. Salaries for crime scene technicians start at about $39,000 per year. While surely there are higher-paying positions, a job as a crime scene technician is very fulfilling, knowing that you are helping to put away criminals and protect innocent people.