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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

In order to secure admissible evidence from a computer's hard drive or any other type of digital media, a computer forensics expert might be required. Securing files needed as evidence in a criminal or civil trial that may have been deleted or corrupted by the suspect requires very strong technology skills. Also, a graduate from a certified computer forensics program will understand the legal requirements for documenting the chain of custody for digital evidence. With an increasing amount of important data being stored on computers and system networks, it is important for law enforcement to have a means of recovering lost or corrupted data.

The tactics used by a computer forensics expert to recover data are very structured and well documented.

The first step in the forensics process would be to extract the sought-after data without tampering with the evidence. Next, the computer forensics specialist collects data and, after analyzing its content, writes a detailed report for submission to the proper authorities.

Computer forensic specialists are highly sought after in the current economy. The technical skills required to perform in this job also transfer to many other professions in which the ability to use and manipulate a computer are essential. Careers in military intelligence agencies or other federal bureaus may also be very rewarding for a computer forensics specialist. While working for the government may be exciting as one works on top-secret projects and high profile cases, as with most jobs, compensation for positions at private security firms can be more financially rewarding and an excellent career choice.