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Computer and Cybercrime

Computer and Cybercrime

Computer-related crimes are the fastest growing category of crime. As more important documents and personal information, such as bank statements and official records, become available online, and as the nation's infrastructure becomes web-enabled, it becomes increasingly more crucial to the security of the nation to have people protecting us against cybercrime. Hackers continuously become more skillful in their crimes so companies and the government must be constantly upgrading their security systems to defend us from those threats.

The job of a cybercrime fighter can range from fighting individual identity theft to uncovering multimillion-dollar schemes aimed at big business to terrorist attacks on our country.

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As a criminal investigator specializing in cybercrime and computers, you may study the latest criminal trends and techniques, while trying to guess the hackers’ next moves, learn their identities, and end their hacking careers. Along with investigating cybercrimes and tracking criminals, cybercrime investigators also work with companies and other government agencies to help improve defenses against cybercriminals. With cybercriminals becoming harder to track and catch, prevention is a major part in the fight against cybercrime.

In order to secure a good job in cybersecurity, you might need to develop an immense knowledge of programming and computers. Most companies and government agencies may require at least a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, although a more specialized degree, such as in criminal justice computer information systems, may be necessary to obtain top positions in the field. With the use of computers only continuing to grow in the foreseeable future, a career fighting against cybercrime may provide a secure future. There will always be cybercriminals, and therefore, there will always need to be someone there to put an end to their criminal activities.