So where did it all come from IV

by Wayne on July 15, 2010

In the mid to late 1800’s many men went on to create security industries which have passed the test of time and still remain present today or at least have been acquired by other security industry giants which keeps the legacy alive. As we move forward to the 1900’s two specific events elevated the roll of private security in America.

The increasing growth of the railroad and the labor unions in early America spawned increased development and dependency of the private security industry. Businessmen realized that greater profits may be driven by the supply and demand from westward expansion. These railroad tycoons would delay movement of the railroad to increase their bottom line from the wanting farmers and merchants in the West. Because jurisdictional boundaries prevented local law enforcement from traveling across the country, both outlaws would rob these trains as well as the railroad itself stealing the transported cargo to monopolize the trade industry.

In response to the larceny which occurred, many states passed laws enabling the railroad to organize their own security force with powers to arrest and apprehend criminals transcending jurisdictions. These individuals became known as the railroad police, and in 1914 the federal government deputized these individuals to protect the transportation network and cargo as we entered World War One.

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