So where did it all come from?

by Wayne on June 25, 2010

Policing can be traced all the way back towards the ancient Romans and Greeks, throughout Europe and finally washing upon the shores of the United States. In the early colonization of the United States we find that there were two responses to policing which existed. In the South where the communities were spread about the duties of the Sheriff included apprehending criminals, serving subpoenas, and collecting taxes. In the Northeast where larger populaces existed the public was protected by watchmen and constables. Since these individuals did not collect taxes, their pay was minimal compared to that of the sheriffs which existed throughout the colonies. Further, the constables performed similar duties and responsibilities as their counterparts in England. These jobs included keeping the peace, eliminating health hazards, and bringing both witnesses and suspects to court. Yet, in the 1800’s a change soon became the turning point in the United States. This will be continued next week in the Crime Fighting Blog. 994584_young_plant_5

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