Is a Criminal Justice degree mandatory?

by Wayne on June 18, 2010

Diploma One question which often is posed is if a criminal justice degree is a requirement to enter the criminal justice field? Although this is a great question, the vagueness which exists when the question is asked ends up creating confusion and causing problems for the undecided individual. The criminal justice field is composed of multiple different careers which one may undertake depending on their personal preference or passion. Of course, the most common which we will discuss during this blog will be the local police officer.

When looking at the classifieds, attending a job hiring event, or applying directly to a local police department one may find that many local law enforcement agencies have different minimum requirement for those seeking employment as a police officer. After looking at various departments, I noticed that many have the minimum requirement of a high school degree to begin the police academy. Once an individual has passed the police academy and joined their specific department the individual may either have a time line to achieve a further degree or may be hindered for promotion pending on their lack of further education. Though this is not the case for all departments, this is a common thread amongst many.

So for those who are considering a career as a local law enforcement officer, although a degree is not required everywhere the benefits of having one may just give you the extra boost during the hiring phase and will benefit you once you look at progressing through the ranks.

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