Unsung Heroes

by Wayne on June 11, 2010

Our Hidden Superhero

Its a bird, its a plane, no, …. it’s our men and women in blue patrolling the streets in an effort to serve and protect our way of life which we have become accustomed. These unsung heroes are often neglected until we need them the most.

We know they exist, we know they are out there performing their duties; but we get frustrated when they are not around when someone goes speeding by or runs a light. When your in a hurry and one pulls behind you as your driving you get frustrated wishing they were somewhere else so you can drive faster. Maybe when you see them pull aside you in their patrol car you drop your phone to your lap as you know you are not supposed to be talking or texting. These silent complaints exist with many, until that one day when you need these law enforcement professionals the most.

Yet, sure enough when you pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1, these unsung heroes come to the call. Whether it be a break in at your home, some troubled teens in the area or even a cat in a tree or an alligator at a school (recently in Florida). These law enforcement professionals respond quickly to an uncertain environment, never knowing what may exist behind every corner.

So, the next time your at that stoplight give a friendly wave or when you see them out in a mall or at a fair, say thank you. You would be surprised how shocked and lost for words they may just find themselves. To all the men and women keeping us safe, thank you.. thank you for taking the time and making this your career of choice to keep us safe from harm.

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