Community Policing

by Wayne on May 28, 2010

Since the beginning of American policing, various policing strategies have been implemented in an effort to deter criminal activity. One of the more commond methodologies in practice today is that of community policing. This strategy employs community partnerships, organizational transformation, and problem solving techniques in an active manner to prevent criminal activity.

Community partnerships.

Is a collaborative undertaking between law enforcement and the local community to which they serve and protect. The partnership was designed to increase the level of trust in law enforcement with the community and develop proactive courses of action to problems which may exist in the community.

Organizational transformation.

Relies upon the organizational management of information systems, personnel, and organizational structure. This focus ranges from the access of information and geographical assignment of law enforcement to labor relations and leadership within the police force.

Problem solving techniques.

Uses systematic problem solving techniques to identify the problem, develop potential courses of action to discuss with the community, and an active response by law enforcement to solve the problem. Ensuring the problem is solved relies upon an active voice of the commnity who further assists by reviewing the response which law enforcement has implemented.

Joining Hands

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