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The complex minds of some criminals are hard to understand. What, how, and why they think as they do are the topics that all behavioral scientists in the criminal justice field try to comprehend. The most important job of a behavioral scientist would be to create profiles of criminals or suspects. That might involve collecting data and information about the person in order to better understand them. Whether the person is a common criminal, murderer, terrorist, or just an employee of a firm, it is the job of a behavioral scientist to unlock the secrets stored away in the individual's mind. When there is an understanding of the suspect, and an understanding of how or why the suspect acts as he or she did, then it can become easier to prevent similar unwanted acts by others in the future.

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The jobs available to one graduating with a behavioral science degree may vary greatly. There are positions open in many fields ranging from work for government agencies, such as the FBI or Homeland Security, whether in the field or as an administrator who trains others, to positions in local police departments dealing with everyday criminals and murders. Other jobs that one may possibly obtain are work in prisons and in mental institutions for the criminally insane. Usually jobs such as these serve more as a learning experience for the new behavioral scientist, and the salary reflects that status. Expect a lower salary than even work for a government agency. However, jobs in the private sector pay higher. Look for a position with a large company that is in need of a behavioral scientist to provide counseling or social work to its employees or customers to earn a higher salary than federal government jobs. Whether you pursue a public or private sector career in behavioral science, the experience should prove to be insightful and filled with a lifetime of learning the ins and outs of the human mind.