Where Do Police Officers Work?

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Where Do Police Officers Work?

Police officers are law enforcement workers responsible for protecting the lives of citizens in their community. They're also known as peace officers in some areas, and they exist in nearly every country of the world. These workers are responsible for different duties and work in different areas, although they do share some things in common.

A large number of police officers work in the field, but this covers a lot of different areas. Undercover police officers work in the field, but do so by taking on the identity of another person. Essentially, they cut themselves off from their normal life to infiltrate and bring down criminals or to break up a criminal ring. They work in areas such as drugs and prostitution.

Field work also covers bike cops and traffic enforcement police. Bike cops typically work in parks and open air environments where they rely on a bicycle for transportation. They may ride several miles on a given day. Traffic enforcement officers keep the peace in traffic situations and enforce speed limits and other traffic laws. These cops sometimes drive regular police cars, but a large number now rely on motorcycles for their transportation needs.

There are also a large number of police officers who work in the station as opposed to the field. In the station, they answer calls in the dispatch center, handling emergency calls. They also work with citizens who bring their complaints and problems into the station. In addition, there are those who work solely from a desk and write reports based on complaints before passing those reports along to detectives and investigators.

The police station also has an area known as the evidence room or evidence lockup. This area contains all evidence of criminal activity that was collected by the police. At times the room may contain a large or expensive amount of drugs, counterfeit designer merchandise and illegally burned DVDs. It's the responsibility of officers working in this department to ensure the safety of these items.

Police officers also work in national parks and are typically approved to work as park rangers as well. As the park areas are fairly remote and typically removed from lager cities, the park ranger takes on dual responsibilities. There are also areas where a police officer works as a firefighter in addition to their regular duties. Other areas use police officers as emergency medical workers, or EMTs. Police officers also work for the military as military police.

There are police officers that are known as specialty officers because they work in specific departments that cover only one type of crime. They split their time between working in the field and working in the station. They cover the crimes relating to their area such as drug crimes, sex crimes or homicide. They investigate cases in the field, interview witnesses, make arrests and do paperwork relating to the cases. They're also called into court when and if the case reaches trial. They have one of the more important jobs relating to law enforcement, and work where they're needed.

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