Where do Economic Crime Investigators work?

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Where do Economic Crime Investigators work?

Economic crime investigation is still regarded by many as a new and emerging field. It's not often discussed on television or in the movies because it's not as exciting as a traditional crime scene investigator. These individuals don't investigate the traditional crime scene, and they seldom see dead bodies or even blood. Instead, they're concerned with what happens behind the scenes and what actions people take.

There are a large number of people trained as economic crime scene investigators that work as private investigators or private detectives. They investigate crimes brought to them by private individuals and corporations. When the need arises, they look into problems the company has and identifies the cause of the problem. They might uncover fraud or embezzlement committed by someone working for the company.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation also employ economic crime scene investigators. These individuals have strong backgrounds involving computers and uncovering hidden files on computers. Those working for one of these departments do so in a number of different areas. For example, the FBI may hire these individuals to work in their sex crimes unit, uncovering child pornography made and sold in the United States.

Economic crime investigators also work in areas devoted to cyber-terrorism. This includes, but is not limited to, the creation and spread of viruses. They also work in areas finding money that's used for terrorist activities. Following the attack on September 11, 2001, economic crime scene investigators traced people in the United States, or those with ties to the U.S. who sent money to terrorist cells in other areas.

The Internal Revenue System also employs individuals as economic crime investigators. These workers investigate tax crimes found by the I.R.S. They're not necessarily responsible for audits, but they do handle areas where people commit fraud on their taxes, especially large scale fraud. This includes individuals and companies that don't pay their taxes, those who hide assets in other countries and those who create fake individuals and companies to avoid paying taxes.

Economic crime investigation is particularly interested in identity theft and credit card fraud. That explains why a number of companies hire these individuals to investigate those claims and cases. They identify cases where individuals steal the credit card numbers of different people and when an individual takes the identity of another. It involves a large amount of research on the part of the investigator.

Information systems manager is another type of job held by economic crime investigators. Those working in this field typically work for businesses and corporations. They often work in the security or technology department of those companies. Their job involves identifying crimes done by those working for the company by working from within. They also set up the computers for the business and build firewalls and other types of protection. This helps them identify security breeches and crimes committed against the company. For example, they may discover that someone's hacking into the system and stealing money from outside. These are a few examples of where economic crime investigators work.

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