What You Need To Know About Court Reporting Schools

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What You Need To Know About Court Reporting Schools

There are many opportunities for people to attend school to become a court reporter.  Schools and programs are found in nearly every city, online, and through home study courses.  Each of those options do have court reporting schools that are very reputable and can help people achieve their goal of becoming a court reporter.  The things that people should review when considering which school to attend are the cost of the school, the type of degree they can get, and if the school is accredited.  Those three factors will play a huge role in finding the correct school for you.

The Cost of Your Education

When you decide to continue your education past high school you will have two choices.  You can either pay for your education yourself or seek out financial aid that may be available to you.  The most important items to evaluate no matter how you pay for your education are:

  • Are you expecting a certain amount of income in return to offset the cost of the education?
  • Are you willing to accept a student loan payment for a number of years after you earn your degree?
  • Is the cost of tuition a fair price for the school you will be attending?

Evaluating how much your education costs is a simple, effective way to make sure that your expectations are realistic on how future earning potential will offset the cost of the education.  There is always value in learning something new and getting a degree in it if you really want to do it.  In fact, that is one of the most exciting things about continuing education opportunities.

The Type of Degree You Will Receive

There are a wide variety of options available for degrees when you attend school.   The type of degree you get is often commensurate with the amount of time you need to go to school and the income potential you will have upon graduation.  There are court reporting schools that offer the following degrees:

  • Certificate
  • Associate’s degree
  • Bachelor’s degree (usually includes a broader degree such as Criminal Justice)

It is a good idea to investigate how much of a role you want to play when you become a court reporter.  Typically higher degrees allow people to qualify for a broader range of court reporting positions and provide valuable other skills that help develop their careers faster.

Make Sure You Attend an Accredited School

The reason it is critical that you attend an accredited school for court reporting is that you will have earned a worthless degree if you do not.  Most every employer does not acknowledge continuing education schools that are not accredited as legitimate educational institutions.  Some of the biggest signs that a school may not be accredited are:

  • Offering a degree in an extremely short period of time
  • Very low tuition costs
  • Courses are not taught by professional educators or recognized experts

If you want to learn about something just for knowledge an unaccredited school may be just fine for your purposes.  If you are investing your valuable financial resources into an education in hopes of a return that improves your career path and opportunities, then the school you attend must be accredited.

Court reporting schools offer a world of opportunity to those who want to work in the court systems.  This exciting career allows people to get an inside look into the court system and play a key role in making sure that everything that happens in a court room is recorded correctly.  It’s not every day that you get an incredible opportunity like that.

Schools Offering Court Reporting Courses: