What is the job outlook for Criminologists?

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What is the job outlook for Criminologists?

The job outlook for those in the field of criminology is excellent and expected to grow. A criminologist will always be in demand, as their job entails working with crime and criminals. A criminologist studies why people commit crimes and focuses on psychological factors and behaviors of the criminal. They research certain geographical areas that have a higher rate of criminal activity, to determine whether there is a reason for the higher rate.

Those who graduate as a criminologist will be able to work in a variety of different fields. Many criminologists work directly with local and state police forces, or even within the FBI. They can work on high-profile cases, or with cases within a certain jurisdiction. They may have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with criminals, in an effort to determine whether they fit the usual psychological profile of the crime committed. A criminologist may be required to testify in a trial, as an expert witness. They may assist with autopsy cases and record their findings, and are typically a big part of a criminal investigation.

Research and profiling are a big part of this career field. A criminologist will look at areas such as environmental factors, the level of education, and psychological and biological aspects when working on a specific case or criminal. Some in this profession work mostly with research, statistics and data, and must have excellent skills in these areas. A criminologist may work in prisons, both local and federal. There jobs can help law enforcement officers in capturing the criminals they are seeking. Some decide to further their career by becoming police officers themselves, or by working in juvenile detention centers as correctional officers.

There are many other professions that a criminologist can branch off into. A background in criminology can help the career of a FBI agent, detective, customs agent or prosecutor. Many criminologists decide to devote their lives to teaching. Those who work in the teaching and research area may generate a salary anywhere between $32,000 and $66,000. The best salaries are found in 4-year colleges as opposed to junior colleges. Those who work within the government can earn from $30,000 to $55,000 each year. However, this figure can and will vary depending on the experience they have, as well as how much education they have received.

Criminology may not be a choice for everyone. Many jobs revolve around working with criminals and crime scenes, and the work can be disturbing and difficult at times. However, this type of work is interesting and challenging. Those who are looking into this field should have a genuinely strong interest in the human psyche and behavioral traits. Math is an important subject for those in this field as statistics are a huge part of the job. When working with criminals, good communication skills are a must as a criminologist will do their job better when they gain trust with the criminal.

Criminology jobs can be found all over. There are some cities that have more jobs than most, such as Sacramento, California and Baltimore, Maryland comes in second place for the city with the most jobs in the criminology field.

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