Steps for Becoming a Correctional Officer

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Steps for Becoming a Correctional Officer

If you have ever had an interest in entering the field of corrections there is a lot of information you need to research, know, and uphold to be the best you can be in the field.  That is why the training and educational process for those who wish to become a correctional officer is detailed, thorough, and designed to really teach those individuals who want to be a correctional officer the criteria that are most important.  An excellent correctional officer is proud of their job, gladly receives the proper education and training, and takes their responsibility seriously.  Are you that person?  If you believe you are, make sure you do what it takes to be the best in your area of expertise.  If you follow the steps you will have success.

Step Number One:

Decide what type of corrections you would like to play a role in and what you’d like to do specifically within the system.  Federal corrections officers have different qualifications and standards than state correctional workers.  State correctional workers have different criteria than county workers.  It keeps on going on down the line.  If you know which area you’d like to be a part of you can decide if you need to sign up for post high school education or if you can receive training simply by being eligible for employment.

Step Number Two:

Sign up for the education you may need to become a correctional officer.  If you can get your training directly from the correctional system you wish to work in, prepare a resume, application, and letter of interest.  Make sure you take the initiative necessary to show that you are serious and that you would be an ideal choice.  If you need to further your education to work in the correctional facility system you’d prefer, start investigating schools, how you’d like to attend, cost, and the other pertinent factors that will help you make a decision.

Step Number Three:

Work hard and absorb all the information you can.  Whether you are receiving training from your potential employer or from continuing education you should devote serious effort.  If you are serious and passionate about working in corrections you should follow the steps for becoming a correctional officer as closely as possible.

Step Number Four:

Polish up your job skills.  When it is time to interview and talk to those in charge of hiring, you need to make sure that you know how to communicate clearly, present yourself respectably, and portray why you want to be a correctional officer.  This job is rewarding but it is also very serious.  Correctional officers are given a tremendous amount of responsibility and they need to be honest, dependable, and hold themselves to a high standard.

Step Number Five:

Let all your hard, diligent work shine through.  Get hired in the correctional system that you are interested in and really start to make a difference in the lives of those people you come into contact with.  Your professionalism and training will really set you apart and you will be in a position to pave the way for advancement in your field.  That may require furthering your education or getting another degree but the field experience will help you to get where you want to be.

The steps for becoming a correctional officer are laid out for you.  It is up to you to take the journey and climb those steps.  The result will be a career that is rewarding, helpful to society, and inspirational because you can make a difference.

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