Start Fighting Cyber Terrorism Today

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Start Fighting Cyber Terrorism Today

Cyber terrorism has become a serious issue in today’s world.  Every business and individual is subject to it if they use the Internet or a computer to store any pertinent information.  Anti-virus software protections help somewhat but it is not a guaranteed solution to the problem.  Those who wish to inflict harm through this type of terrorism are very smart people that know and understand every intricacy of computer programming and creation.  Once upon a time these computer whizzes were simply termed “hackers”.  Well today, “hackers” can cause more problems to a business than we would have ever thought possible in the past.  If you do not take action to prevent cyber terrorism the following nightmares could become your reality:

Loss of important documents:  People who are cyber terrorists have a specific purpose in mind.  Many times that purpose is to take confidential documents from your database.  These documents could have critical information to projects your business is working on or classified information that is meant for limited viewing.  Once they get that information they get a lot of power right along with it.  They may either just want to ruin a business for some reason or they may want something in return for keeping information confidential.

Shutdown of operations:  Just imagine the ruin that could come from just a few minutes of a major financial or military operation having a complete shutdown of their computer system. The results could have such a significant impact that they could wipe out a company permanently or create a dire breach of security for a country.  The brains behind the people who wish this upon any institution are smart and malicious.  They are using their knowledge for any purpose but a beneficial one.  The consequences from these actions are often felt by hundreds or thousands of people.  Really, the only person who does not have a negative consequence from it is the one who created the cyber terrorism.  That person finds these moments to be rewarding and gratifying.

Financial theft:  Whether you are a business or person somebody who has the skills can break into your accounts and personal information and steal your money.  You may have safeguards in place but they are not always enough.  Many financial institutions now offer all businesses and individuals instant notification methods if any activity is taking place on their accounts.  This provides a valuable opportunity to investigate any suspicious activity immediate and hopefully results in the recovery of lost finances and the capture of a cyber terrorist.

National security:  The Internet has created new and innovative ways for people who are criminal minded to get results while remaining anonymous.  Wire transfers and Internet transactions are on the rise for people who support radical groups.  It is a great way to help fund them without being on the radar.  With the large case loads for agencies that investigate terrorism it is difficult to catch people in the act.  The security of a country is the foundation of that country and keeping it safe for its citizens.

There is no better day to start fighting cyber terrorism than today.  Make sure you consult with professionals that can help you implement every security measure possible to keep your information safe.  That is the first and best step in preventing somebody from accessing valuable documents and information that could change the course of a business or life forever.  One of the most positive things that come from being aware of what others are capable of doing through the Internet is that you can stop people that want negative things to happen from succeeding.  Now, that’s a fight worth winning!

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