Job expectations and salaries for Homeland Security Officers

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Job expectations and salaries for Homeland Security Officers

Job expectations for Homeland Security Officers vary according to the department in which they work. The salaries vary as well. It is important to find a good match for your skill level and previous experience. The hours may be very demanding and a high commitment to excellence is required.

The beginning salaries of each of these agencies reflect the amount of education, and previous experience that each job requires. Many of these jobs require long hours, but they do offer overtime. The jobs may be scheduled on two-week rotating schedules. The work can be dangerous; however, the benefits are good. They all offer the same federal employee benefits, which include health insurance and life insurance as well as vacation and retirement benefits.

If you get a job as a Secret Service agent, your salary will range from approximately $43,000 to $73,000. There are strict requirements for becoming a Secret Service agent, which requires a four-year degree, as well as additional school and training. The testing process is difficult, and you will only have one opportunity to pass the test. Once you are a Secret Service agent, you may work rotating shifts with irregular hours, depending on your specific assignment. The primary focus of a Secret Service agent is protection including financial and computer crimes.

If you work for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency as an officer, your salary will begin at around $25,000 and can range up to $65,000 per year. There are ICE offices throughout the country and in other countries. The job requires a four-year degree as well as previous law experience. They look favorable on computer science experience and training. Once hired there is a twenty-week training program that you must complete. The officers focus on following tips and enforcing the customs and immigration laws. The application process is rigorous and there is a specific process to follow. You must contact the special agent in charge of the area you wish to work in to begin the application process.

If you work for the Customs and Border Patrol, there is a salary range of $36,000 to $46,000. This requires a four-year degree and a series of aptitude tests including fitness and foreign language tests. A Customs and Border Patrol officer begins working on the Southern American border. The first year of training is rigorous and requires officers to attend an academy away from family. Once the training is complete, the family can move to the assigned station with the patrol officer.

If you work for the Coast Guard as an officer, your beginning salary will likely be around $36,000. This may vary if you have prior military experience. A four-year degree is required and the completion of a basic training program. Depending on your field of training, jobs in the coast guard vary greatly. There are opportunities to work in fields such as aviation, management, engineering and intelligence. The coast guard does offer a housing allowance for its officers in addition to the salary.

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