Job Expectations and Salaries for Criminologists

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Job Expectations and Salaries for Criminologists

The immense success of criminal investigation TV shows has resulted in many people wanting to work as criminologists. There are many different jobs in the field of criminology, and the responsibilities and requirements differ drastically from one job to another. There are criminology administration jobs that require organization skills, as well as court reporter jobs that require excellent writing skills and knowledge of the justice system. Criminologists and investigators need certain specialized skills, such as observation and logical thinking skills. All jobs in the field of criminology require absolute trust in the legal system, as well as integrity in upholding of truth and justice.

Every job in the field of criminology is challenging and unique, and a criminologist has to be fully-committed to his duties. You should expect to go through difficult moments as a criminologist, since you have to deal with all kinds of people, including criminals with a deviant mindset. You may even feel frustrated when a case can't be closed successfully. However, the bad moments are compensated by many moments of joy that you will experience when you help close a case and convict a suspect. The job of a criminologist requires absolute calmness and assertiveness.

Some jobs in the field of criminology require a university degree in science, criminology, or other relevant subjects. In some rare cases, a PhD degree may even be required. The job expectations differ remarkably depending on your education. A criminologist with a Bachelor of Arts degree should be aware of social concerns, while a Bachelor of Science criminologist should be able to understand the implications of scientific evidence. If you have skills in both fields, you will have better career options. There are also administration jobs that do not necessarily require a university degree.

If you intend to work in the field of criminology or in the legal system, you should participate in internships to learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of a criminologist's job. You will learn more techniques and gain valuable knowledgeable and experience that are applicable to your future job as a criminologist. Another advantage of internships is that you can create a personal network of people who are involved in the field of criminology. Internships are offered as full-time or part-time jobs.

Since most criminology jobs are offered by the government, the career opportunities are relatively limited. The career advancement opportunities are fixed, and they follow a strict order of promotions that is dependent on the evaluations of senior members of the organization you work for. Compared to the free economy, a governmental job is not as lucrative, but it is usually much safer. If you do not want to work for the state government or a federal agency, you can try to find a position outside these constraints in the private sector. The job opportunities in private organizations are mostly limited to consulting companies or private investigation firms.

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