How do I know if a career as an Economic Crime Investigator is right for me?

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How do I know if a career as an Economic Crime Investigator is right for me?

When people think of crime investigation, they immediately think of the many television shows and movies covering the topic. These individuals aren't examining blood drops and looking at evidence inside a lab, but they still have an important job to do. They handle crimes where economics and money are the main motive behind the actions.

Those interested in a career in economic crime investigation should start by asking themselves if prefer working with people. This field doesn't have a lot of interaction with people. Investigators work with those who have problems and those who commit crime. They also work with a variety of employees inside the company when working on a case.

They should evaluate their computer skills. A large number of these investigators work behind computers, doing things that other people can't do or don't understand. They install firewalls and different programs to protect the computer and investigate hidden files on the system. Those with a strong amount of experience or the ability to learn new skills quickly have a better success rate.

These individuals should consider the fact that the majority of their time is spent sitting behind a computer screen. They have to understand that for long periods of time, they have little interaction with others, which might seem hard for some.

Another thing they need to look at is the fact that they'll see things they don't necessarily want to see and experience things they might not like. One example is the investigator working in sex crimes. When they investigate child pornography, they may see some examples of the pornography in action, which can be very unpleasant.

There are also situations where the investigator goes undercover while working on a case. A company may hire them to pose as an employee of the company while looking for cases of fraud or embezzlement. In other situations, they may pose as someone else behind a computer screen. One example is the investigator who pretends to be a pedophile to bait and trap a child pornography manufacturer.

A career in economic crime also requires a high level of research skills, talents and abilities. Seldom does someone work in this field without a four year degree, which requires the ability to write and research. Many students go on to pursue an advanced degree.

Strong research skills are equally needed once they head into the working world. These individuals investigate a number of different areas, all of which require strong problem solving skills. They uncover the crimes and the person behind those crimes, as well as their motive and how they did it. These are all things to consider and think about before deciding on a career as an economic crime investigator.

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