Getting hired as an Economic Crime Investigator

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Getting hired as an Economic Crime Investigator

Finding employment as an economic crime investigator is not too difficult for individuals who have been properly trained and are uniquely qualified. Certificate programs do exist and offer career-minded individuals the opportunity to participate in one of the fastest growing careers in criminal justice today.

Due to a rise in cyber crimes, economic crime investigators who track down white-collar criminals are in high demand. These thieves prey on business technologies for the purpose of stealing funds from private companies, government entities, and consumers. Through specialized training, individuals learn how to identify, locate and trace these criminals in the pursuit of justice and public safety. Students who gain the technical skills and investigative skills necessary are trained to properly prepare evidence for court trials and in offering expert courtroom testimonies.

Often, individuals who enroll in these specialized forensic training programs already work within other areas of law enforcement or private security. Realizing a growing trend for the specialty and an opportunity to access a career niche, those already active in public safety careers engage in economic crime investigator training while working full-time careers. These individuals are keenly aware that cyber crimes are currently among the fastest rising crimes in this century, and careers aimed at investigating them are also among the fastest growing within public law enforcement and private security.

As criminals grow more sophisticated, specially trained investigators are constantly needed to keep law enforcement abreast of cutting edge technology in order to combat these crimes. Due to the nature of the training, and because many students are already working full-time, student investigators often participate in classes that are available online. This gives students the hands on experience of working with a variety of related programs, including hardware and software used to identify and track economic crimes.

Highly trained economic crime investigators are hired by law enforcement, private security agencies including private financial corporations and organizations. These organizations need to protect customers from identity theft and will hire their own security investigators. Individuals properly trained in this specialty can expect an abundance of job openings with such employers as banks, private businesses, credit card companies, fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. Many investigators are able to start their own companies by providing freelance services to improve security for businesses that may not be able to hire them as full-time employees. The reality is that there is such a demand for this type of expertise that virtually any company conscious of risks regarding their own assets and the need to protect those of their customers, will likely contract with or employ an economic crime investigator to safeguard their interests.

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