Getting hired as a Homeland Security Officer

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Getting hired as a Homeland Security Officer

Homeland Security Officers take on a great deal of responsibility in protecting the lives and safety of the citizens of the country. There is a great deal required to become a Homeland Security Officer. The process requires both schooling and additional training upon graduation. There are many different career options and paths that one can take to become a Homeland Security officer.

The first step in becoming a Homeland Security Officer is to graduate from a college with a four-year degree. There are many different degrees that you can choose from, and one obvious option is that of criminal science and forensics. Other options include computer science and accounting; since many crimes take place in these sectors, the departments are looking for people who have a good solid knowledge base in these subjects. Once you have completed the four-year degree, you may also need to go on and get a graduate degree, depending on what field you want to go into.

Once you have finished school, you should look at the different departments and agencies and determine which one is the right fit for you. Each of the departments offers the opportunity to work in intelligence operations as an undercover agent or as an active duty officer. Each department and agency has a different series of tests that you must complete as part of the application process. You can find out which current jobs are available by visiting the Homeland Security's official website.

Physical fitness is another requirement listed by all of the departments. As you work on your four-year degree, it is important that you exercise regularly and stay in top physical condition. This will make the physical fitness portion of the application process much easier to pass.

Once you have passed the initial tests, you must then go through a rigorous training camp or academy. The length of this camp can be as short as six weeks and last up to ten months, depending on the agency for which you are working. Once you have completed the training, you have to take and pass a test in order to be hired permanently. The training is paid, but often you will only have one opportunity to take the test. It is important to take this portion of the application process very seriously.

Once you have been hired, you will be stationed in an area where you are needed. You do not often have a choice as to where your first assignment will be. Your family can join you at this point. The benefits of a Homeland Security Officer are quite good. Your schedule may vary, and you may be asked to work a rotating schedule of odd hours and long shifts. The job security of Homeland Security Officers is also good. Currently, there are many threats to the security of the nation, and the departments are working hard to enforce the laws.

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