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Court Reporter Jobs Guide

You’ve made the commitment to go to school to become a court reporter.  What is the next step?  The next step is to find the best court reporter jobs available for you.  The best way to do that is by evaluating your overall picture and entire situation.  You need to decide on location, determine how to get in the door, and negotiate a salary that will pay you what you’re worth.  It may seem difficult to make all of those decisions but it does not have to be.  You just take it one step at a time – just like you took your classes one step at a time.  The end result is an organized plan that will help you seek out the best court reporter jobs for you.


Deciding on the location of where you will be living when you are done with school is a major part of calculating your job searching strategies.  Location determines these things when it comes to finding a job as a court reporter:

  • Number of opportunities
  • Salary
  • Number of hours you can work
  • The possibility for a job opening

As you can tell, those are all very important things to consider.  Court reporting degrees are being offered by more universities now than ever before.  The best ways you can give you the edge when starting to look for court reporter jobs is by having a plan.

How to get the opportunity

There are many ways to get the opportunities that you want in this life.  They all involve commitment on your part and branding you as the right person for the job.  This definitely holds true in court reporting because you will become an intricate part of the legal system and be responsible for documenting everything accurately.  Here are some of the best things you can do to get opportunities for the chance to be interviewed:

  • Network with people and look for connections.
  • Start sending out resumes and letters of interest about six months prior to completing your court reporting classes.  If the program you chose is less than six months start as soon as you know that you are going to like it.
  • Ask people for referrals and introductions if they have connections.
  • Absorb as much information as you can from people who work in the court systems.

Every person who wants to find a job in court reporting or any career should market themselves.  You will show that you are a determined, serious, and professional person.  Those are three great qualities that every court reporter should possess.

Negotiate a fair salary

Remember that you are just graduating and will not be at a salary level that’s above the experienced court reporters in your area.  The best ways to improve your chances of getting the optimal salary for your experience are getting stellar grades, having a good legal resume; plus, learning the best interviewing skills and techniques.  It is always beneficial to portray your love and enthusiasm of the criminal justice system.  Find the answers that are true and really show your prospective employer (most likely a judge) that you are serious and out of all the court reporting jobs out there you wanted the one you are interviewing with the most.

You’ve went through all the hard work and dedication of going to school to become a court reporter.  Don’t let a lack of planning and coordinating turn your positive efforts into a negative experience.  You do have the ability to get the court reporting job you want if you follow the simple rules and techniques that will allow you to shine when your time comes.

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