Choosing a Criminal Justice University

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Choosing a Criminal Justice University

The criminal justice university that somebody chooses should not be a difficult endeavor.  It is the start of an amazing journey to receiving a criminal justice degree and starting on a rewarding career within that field.  The best way to evaluate which university is best for you is to break it down into three important criteria.  Those criteria will help narrow down what your best option is.  Make sure you look at the length of the program for schools you are interested in attending to get your degree, what the cost of getting your degree is, and what the job forecast is for graduates in criminal justice from the school you are interested in.

Length of program

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which type of degree you should get.  The best way to decide which criminal justice university program is the best one for you is to evaluate what your goals may be with your degree.  If you are interested in really advancing in the criminal justice field it will likely happen quicker when you have at least a four year degree.  If your goal is to get involved in the system, learn as much as you can, and grow career wise with experience an associate’s degree is often adequate to help you do that.

Cost of the criminal justice program

When choosing a criminal justice university it is important to evaluate how much that education will cost you.  Sometimes that is the best indicator of which program you should take or can take in criminal justice.  Some great ways to keep the costs of your education down are to go to an online university or school.  The tuition rates are typically less expensive than traditional classroom settings because of the lower overhead of the school.  Those savings can be passed on to you.  If you decide upon a traditional classroom setting for your degree you can’t control tuition costs but you can do things like purchasing used textbooks to help reduce your costs.  All of the best universities do have financial aid programs and assistance available.  It never hurts to see if you qualify for a grant or low interest loan.

Career forecast for your school

There’s an old saying that says, “It never hurts to try and get a foot in the door.”  When you go to school, work hard, and get your criminal justice degree it pays to take any leads you can that invite the possibility of a job interview.  Find out which places hire from the school you want to attend, average salaries, and all opportunities that the university can help you with once you’ve earned your degree and are actively seeking a job.  If the school offers no programs or information like that it is considered a warning sign.  One of two things could be possible and you need to make sure you fully understand what they are:

  • The school may not be accredited for criminal justice.  This means that prospective employers may not consider the degree you just worked so hard for a valid one.
  • The quality of education at the school is not competitive with other schools that offer criminal justice degrees.  That means you may not be getting the high quality education you need to be competitive in criminal justice.

Not every criminal justice university is the same.  If you want to earn your degree in criminal justice make sure you do your due diligence to pick the university that is best for you and helps you get the degree you are seeking.

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