A Day in the Life of a FBI Agent

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A Day in the Life of a FBI Agent

The Federal Bureau of Investigation hires individuals every year to work at their agencies across the country and overseas. FBI agents are hired for their skills and talents in different areas. These individuals must all fall within a specific age range, pass the physical and mental exams required, and also have a minimum four year degree. A day in the life of one of these agents varies drastically, depending on where they work and their specific roles.

The problem with determining the typical day of an FBI agent is that no two agents experience the same thing on any given day. Instead, it changes based on their role in the agency and their current goals. A good example is the agent working to bring down an operation creating counterfeit designer handbags. Depending on the day, they experience something different.

On one day this agent might work on background and research. They spend the majority of their time sitting in an office doing investigations on their computer. They look for the major players, past criminal activity and similar operations that have existed. During this day, they also attend meetings with other agents working on the case to share any information found by others.

On another day, the same agent visits different stores in the area, looking for shops selling the counterfeit merchandise. They look for those passing the merchandise off as authentic, those buying the products, and the delivery of those products. Another day they meet with a judge to present the evidence and obtain an arrest or search warrant. Finally, if they're lucky, another day will come when they have the chance to arrest those involved in the counterfeit merchandise.

A typical day for an FBI agent can also look like different things. Some spend entire days working the tip line or hotline, hoping to find something that can break a major case. On another day they receive a search warrant and spend the rest of the day tearing apart a criminal's home, looking for evidence. They may also spend a day interviewing criminals or witnesses to a crime.

There are also days spent talking to and meeting with sources that can help break major cases by offering tips on criminal activity. They also spend a day or two working on their paperwork, especially after a case is closed, or spend a day meeting with supervisors. FBI agents are also required to stay fit and keep up to date on training, which leads to days spent on the firing sharpening their marksmanship skills.

The most important thing to remember is that there's no such thing as a typical day in the life of an FBI agent. While others work a regular nine to five job, these agents work when they're needed. They might work only a few hours one day and then put in a twelve hour day a week later. They also work unusual hours that vary constantly, meaning 8:00am to 4:00pm might be typical one day, and then 3:00pm to 12:00am the next night. These agents must be flexible because never know what to really expect.

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